Targeted Display

What is targeted display, you might ask?

It's our Bread & Butter solution! Remember that last time you looked at that product online, and then saw that product a few more times as you browsed popular sites, your social media channels, or even checked the weather? Remember when you went to that store, got home, and started seeing ads for the exact store you were at? We remember. Well, kind of. We do the same thing, but better!

There are a myriad of tools and methods to reach consumers in a precisely targeted way. The days of printing flyers, mailing folks, or setting up a booth at an event in the hopes you meet some qualified individuals are over. Targeted display is here, and it's here to stay. The best part? You can target your competition, specific keywords, events, addresses–really, whatever you want, and deliver them directly on mobile devices, desktops, or even Smart TVs right alongside apps & websites they already are using!

Targeting Options:

  •    •  Geofencing — Targeting based on their device's true location based on GPS, Wi-Fi, or IP address.
  •    •  Demographic — Target based on age, income, gender, marital status, etc. (there's 1000's of these options)
  •    •  Audience — Targeting based on surveyed or pre-clustered demographic data.
  •    •  Contextual — Target behaviorally based on the types of content they're already viewing.
  •    •  Keyword Search — Retarget individuals based on keyword searches they've composed in popular search engines.

Unparalleled Measurability

  •    •  Clicks & Engagement
  •    •  A/B Testing
  •    •  Landing Page Analytics
  •    •  Online Conversion Tracking
  •    •  Offline (Physical) Conversion Tracking
  •    •  Location Reporting
  •    •  Keyword Reporting
  • And MUCH More

Want to chat?

Our team LOVES talking to people about our targeted display capabilities. It's the way of the future, and if your business isn't ready to embrace it, you'll be left behind! You might be thinking, “This sounds really expensive." the best part? Targeted Display works with a WIDE range of budgets, and can be applied to nearly any business.